After GTA V was released more than 6 years ago in 2013, the fans have been wondering about the next GTA game. When will it come out, where will it take place, how many protagonists will there be and, most importantly, will GTA 6 even be created at all?

We will try to answer that last question, since all the other ones depend on it.

Let's take a look at the latest GTA title, GTA V. According to Wikipedia, it is the third best-selling video game of all time with over 115 million copies shipped and about $6 billion in worldwide revenue. Can you believe that? Its success is only superseded by Minecraft and Tetris. Also, the previous GTA titles, like GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City and GTA III, are also in that top list. It's pretty clear that people love GTA.

Why? Huge list of reasons. Open world, freedom to be whoever you want, vast range of things and pastimes to do. Freedom to do stuff you can't actually do in reality. This is why people like GTAlity. And it's not only about GTA V. Currently, it's the latest GTA title and has the most impressive graphics (although, GTA IV arguably had even better graphics and physics which was way ahead of its time). It has a huge map and is still actively playable due to the new DLCs coming out regularly which add new online modes. And it is definitely fun to play together with friends. Alternatively, if you feel like a sociopath, there is still a single player mode that allows you to conquer Los Santos by shooting cops from a rocket launcher. And let us not forget about endless mods created by thousands of fans around the world that make your gaming experience even way more fun. You can become a Spiderman who jumps between rooftops, then take a Batmobile, escape from a tsunami and shoot a dragon flying nearby. And even if you get bored in Los Santos after this, you can bring the old good Vice City in GTA V. The creators, Rockstar Games, don't mind players using mods, as long as they aren't used for cheating in GTA: Online. Thanks to this, doubtfully any game can ever repeat GTA's success.

Now why would Rockstar Games put sooo much effort in just a video game? Along with every GTA game they create a whole world — a map, locations, vehicles, characters, missions and even radio stations. The answer is obvious — they like it. And, of course, the money. Because that's what business is for. Making money. So after reading this, do you really think Rockstar would stop doing what they like so much and earning billions of dollars (that's right, billions, with a B)? Especially when gamers all around the world are thirsty. Could Dan Houser (Rockstar Games co-founder) one day say: OK, that's it, we're done with GTA, I'm retiring to buy a villa with ocean view (no pun intended) and drink tequila for the rest of my life?

But if you still want some solid proof, here is a quote by Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North (a subsidiary of Rockstar Games), dated in 2013:

We've got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do. We don't know what GTA 6 will be, but we've got some ideas.

How do you like that? Not only we're expecting one upcoming GTA game, but many more. Breathe out with relief.

We are stuck in Los Santos with GTA V for almost 7 years. We really need to get out somewhere else.

So it's obvious that the verdict is: GTA 6 to be!