Another GTA 6 leak on 4Chan. A user posted that his co-worker's spouse works at Rockstar. Here's what he found out:

  • GTA 6 will be announced at the end of this month (March 2020). Despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this reveal's plans seem to remain intact for the time being.
  • GTA 6 will take place mainly in Miami aka Vice City (to no one's surprise).
  • Singular protagonist, male.
  • The map is huge. I know everyone's expecting this, but seriously she wouldn't shut up about the size of the map. Well, she was fairly high to be fair, but regardless she kept saying how the map was going to blow people's minds thanks to next-gen.
  • An interesting quote I jotted down that she said: "I seriously can't imagine other online games being able to compare to this when it comes out. Like, I don't think our competitors are ready." It could be all talk, but who knows?... Certainly gets me excited :)
  • She said drug dealing is at the core. GTA: San Andreas let them try out gangs, GTA IV included the mafia, GTA V was about the FBI, and now GTA VI is going all-in on drug cartels.
  • Weapon wheel to return, also to no surprise.
  • GTA 6 Online will feature two separate focuses, one side being roleplay based gameplay to satisfy that big RP community that keeps GTA V at the high Twitch viewer count today, and the other side being similar to the current GTA Online. But, she noted that they learned a lot from GTA Online and what to avoid next time. She said this time it'll be much less pay-to-win, and give everyone a more equal playing field thanks to the advanced law/wanted system. For example, you can now be wanted over a period of time; be known as a wanted criminal. You may say, I don't wanna always be wanted, I wanna go do things... Well, then go play solo or the RP mode. But in Online, prepare to have your cartel do most things for you. You're playing from the big businessman's view now.

It's up to you to believe it or not. After all, we'll all find out soon if it's true or not.

Here is a screenshot, just in case.