We already mentioned that the domain name gtavi.com belongs to Take-Two Interactive (a parent company of Rockstar Games). And previously it showed an empty website.

Now the domain name info was updated. You can see it on the online service who.is.

The website itself is not working anymore. The browser displays an error: "This site can't be reached."

Earlier the domain's nameservers were pointing to a server in Munich, Germany. This was very strange because other Rockstar domains like gtaiv.com and gtav.com were pointing to the same server in New York (Rockstar HQ is located there) with the IP address

But after the recent update gtavi.com nameservers also point to the New York server. This is some strong evidence. It looks like Rockstar is doing some technical preparations to open a GTA 6 website.

Update: Apparently, Rockstar is trying to cover their tracks, since the domain name gtavi.com changed again. Now it doesn't point to any server at all.

This is weird because even a domain name gtavii.com points to the Rockstar server (yes, GTA 7 — they already bought in advance, just in case).

Why would they hide gtavi.com now? It only draws more attention. Or was this the plan from the beginning?