Reddit users noticed two more leaks about GTA 6 on 4Chan website. The leaker states that he was a friend of one Rockstar employee who was disgruntled during 2019 and wanted to anonymously leak info about GTA 6 (as a revenge to the company?), but things improved later and the contact with the guy was lost. Here is the leak:

  • The game was worked on in full active development since 2016 or 2017, but preproduction began shortly after porting GTA 5 to current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) in 2014.
  • The map is set to be the size of GTA 5 & RDR 2 combined.
  • There is a pissing minigame where you control your d*ck using your controller motion controls.
  • There are 4 protagonists in GTA 6: Walther Wallace, a driver, then an Israeli former IDF guy (don't know his name), Thomas Branigan who has a smuggling plane called the Raven, and the fourth guy was Marcus Burke, other than him being a single father of a son, he deals in drugs.
  • The area is based on Florida, but Vice City isn't the only major city in the area.
  • A part of the game is set in the 1980s, but time skips to present day.
  • Mission design isn't as linear as it was in RDR 2 and GTA 5 (this goes for most missions).
  • It's about the drug trade and you very briefly visit a small island in Central America but it's not Guarma from RDR 2.
  • The story is in the middle between GTA 4 Dark and GTA 5 Bright, and you start playing as Branigan.

There was a part 2 to this leak and it stated the following:

  • The map follows a design similar to that of GTA: San Andreas's map, 3 major cities and 1 smaller city to the far Northwest of the map, but the terrain is way different from past entries (probably Florida's swamps with alligators).
  • There are multiple child characters in the game, they mainly interact with Burke and his adolescent son (I wasn't told more details but probably just his friends).
  • The game retains the cores from RDR 2 and they function much in the same way as they did in RDR 2, except that the fortifying items are changed to resemble drugs.
  • Character switching isn't instant, but it's (apparently) more entertaining than it was last time (instead of the game zooming out, the camera just travels quickly to where your desired protagonist is).
  • There is improved parkour in the game, inspired by Sleeping dogs, but it isn't as extensive as in there or other games (you can't wall run, for example).
  • Weapons function more realistically in gameplay than they did in GTA 5. Rocket backblast is one hit kill and can cause you to accidentally kill side characters and alter mission outcomes (in one mission you are supposed to destroy a helicopter but instead of using a rocket you can use a sniper, if a rocket is used a side NPC will get backblasted but the mission won't fail).
  • Hand to hand combat is retained from RDR 2 except it's harder to fight using hand to hand in GTA 6 than in GTA 5.
  • Character specific powers are back but they only implemented one power for Walther Wallace, and it's just Franklin's ability (slowing down time while driving).
  • Mori Kibbutz is in the game (Brucie's brother from GTA 4), and that's all I know about it.
  • You can gain weight, and it affects the same attributes as they did in RDR 2, except also what kind of body armor you can use.
  • All this info was acquired throughout 2019. I have no knowledge of trailers, but I do know that the game is definitely not in early development, also TezFunz2 comments seem more accurate than ever.

Here are the original screenshots: