We already mentioned that the domain name GrandTheftAuto6.net redirected to videos about Miami and Colombia. Then to a 1980s song. Now it changed again and redirects to a YouTube video named "Noo Just Hold On". It was by uploaded by a user RealisticEastenders (apparently, it's the same gonnaenodaethat from GTAForums) on March 24, 2020.

The video consists of chopped phrases from different movies. Seems like a conversation between him and the people who don't believe him. Here are the phrases.

"May I have your attention please. You seem to be running short of patience here. I know all about {it?} the next Grand Theft Auto. Sometime this month. You'll see soon enough."

"It certainly is a pleasure to see so many new faces here this month.

See the preacher he encourages your capacity for illusion.

Well, somebody's never been to Scotland.

There's so much you don't understand.

You are not one of us you are one of them.

Who do you truly serve?

I am the eyes and ears of your world gentleman.

But if that's too cryptic, let's get literal. After all, what is faith if it doesn't endure when we are tested the most? And now you spend your days sticking up for the little people. Let them go the way they want. Let them return to their master. Here we go again. Therefore what I am saying, if I am saying anything is welcome back! It's almost time."

Also, the author's profile avatar features Paul Riley — a famous actor from the Scottish series "Still Game". Look at the date of the final episode. March 28th.

GTA 6 announcement is to happen this Saturday?