Rockstar likes to make announcements on Tuesdays

Active GTA fans on Reddit analyzed the announcement dates of previous Rockstar projects and noticed a pattern.

Almost all their games (except GTA 3) were announced on Tuesday. March is about to end and the last day is also Tuesday. Which makes us think we might see something.

The actor Jorge Consejo responded about his involvement in GTA 6

The Spanish speaking actor Jorge Consejo who listed GTA 6 in his CV responded to the questions from the fans regarding GTA 6.

This tweet is from the last year. He answered that he can neither confirm nor deny this.

After people kept asking him about GTA 6 he posted a new tweet again several days ago.

Dear friends, while I read every message from you, please know that because of contract stipulations sometimes I'm unable to comment on certain projects. Please don't feel ignored or unseen. I appreciate and value every single of you.

Of course, this is not a confirmation. But it's not a denial either. However, why would Jorge explicitly put GTA 6 in his CV if there are contract stipulations?

Actor Jorge Consejo listed GTA 6 in his CV

Reddit users noticed that a Spanish speaking actor Jorge Consejo listed GTA 6 in his CV on his official website. His role was a Mexican in 2018.

3pm Scottish time

On Wednesday the insider gonnaenodaethat posted on GTAForums a message "3pm Scottish time" (11am EDT, 8am PDT).

A huge amount of people visited the website at the specified time, which caused the server to crash. Everyone was waiting for the possible GTA 6 announcement, but nothing happened.

Later one of the administrators Kirsty said that it's time to stop those fake links before everyone gets put in quarantine.

However, he didn't explicitly mention gonnaenodaethat. Maybe he meant all the other fake insiders. Also, gonnaenodaethat wrote just a time, not a specific date. We only know about March 2020. There are still 4 days left.

This whole story could have been planned by Rockstar. They might have wanted to heat up the fans, then make them frustrated and suddenly, when everyone has given up hope, strike with a GTA 6 announcement. Or maybe not. As we already mentioned, Rockstar keeps secrets above all. They don't announce the announcements. Their style is a sudden explosion in the calm.

"" redirects to a message

We already mentioned that the domain name redirected to videos about Miami and Colombia. Then to a 1980s song. Now it changed again and redirects to a YouTube video named "Noo Just Hold On". It was by uploaded by a user RealisticEastenders (apparently, it's the same gonnaenodaethat from GTAForums) on March 24, 2020.

The video consists of chopped phrases from different movies. Seems like a conversation between him and the people who don't believe him. Here are the phrases.

The user gonnaenodaethat didn't actually say about March 25

GTAForums administrator named uNi commented on the rumors regarding the possible GTA 6 announcement. According to him, the original hype was something related to GTA 6 happening in March, but not exactly on the 25th, as many expected.

The mysterious Scottish user gonnaenodaethat didn't actually mention any date. He only mentioned 0320. This can be interpreted as March 2020, which was confirmed by the GTAForums administrator (who is also from Scotland, by the way).

So there are still 6 days left. The rumor about March 25 came from another anonymous leak on 4Chan, which now we know was fake.

At the same time, gonnaenodaethat claims he will ban himself if nothing happens in March, and asks people to have faith.

We should also note that the first GTA 4 trailer was released on March 29 back in 2007. But people couldn't watch it for a while due to a huge server overload. We hope this won't repeat with GTA 6.

Official GTA 6 website may open soon

We already mentioned that the domain name belongs to Take-Two Interactive (a parent company of Rockstar Games). And previously it showed an empty website.

Now the domain name info was updated. You can see it on the online service

The website itself is not working anymore. The browser displays an error: "This site can't be reached."

Earlier the domain's nameservers were pointing to a server in Munich, Germany. This was very strange because other Rockstar domains like and were pointing to the same server in New York (Rockstar HQ is located there) with the IP address

But after the recent update nameservers also point to the New York server. This is some strong evidence. It looks like Rockstar is doing some technical preparations to open a GTA 6 website.

Update: Apparently, Rockstar is trying to cover their tracks, since the domain name changed again. Now it doesn't point to any server at all.

This is weird because even a domain name points to the Rockstar server (yes, GTA 7 — they already bought in advance, just in case).

Why would they hide now? It only draws more attention. Or was this the plan from the beginning?

A stuntman listed GTA 6 in his CV

A stuntman Tim Neff listed Grand Theft Auto VI in his CV. Of course, it was soon deleted, but here is a screenshot.

Tim Neff later responded that trolls are responsible for the "Grand Theft Auto VI" thing.

However, Tim is credited in Red Dead Redemption 2.

His Instagram profile features various motion capture photos (this technology is used to provide realistic human animations in video games). He is a popular stuntman/actor.

Did he make a mistake with GTA 6 and broke the NDA, or was someone just messing with him?

"" redirects to a 1980s song

Earlier we mentioned that the domain name redirected to videos about Miami and Colombia. Now it redirects to a song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by the English duo Wham! which consisted of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. This song was first released as a single in the UK on May 14, 1984 and became their first UK and US number one hit.

Movies and TV shows about Miami and Colombia

We already mentioned movies and TV shows that inspired GTA: Vice City which was set in Miami in the colorful and neon 1980s.

Many rumors claim GTA 6 will feature nearly the same era (1970-1980s) and Miami as location along with Colombia. The plot will likely be focused on drug smuggling. So while we are awaiting the official GTA 6 announcement, it's a good time to watch movies and TV shows about Miami and Colombia in the 1980s to feel the atmosphere of the time.

American Made (2017). Based on the true story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who became a gun smuggler for the CIA and a drug runner for the Colombian cartel at the same time in the 1980s.

Sony PlayStation 5 official specs

At the presentation named "The Road to PS5", which was intended for developers and some investors rather than ordinary gamers, it was revealed by a system architect Mark Cerny that a new Sony console PlayStation 5 will feature a solid state drive (SSD). This may accelerate game loading as much as 100 times. Forget about the loading screens. Here are the full specs:

CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency) vs 8x Jaguar Cores at 1.6Ghz on PS4

GPU: 10.28 TFLOPS, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency) vs 1.84 TFLOPS and 18 CUs at 800MHz on PS4

GPU architecture: Custom RDNA 2 vs Custom GCN on PS4

Memory interface: 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit vs 8GB GDDR5/256-bit on PS4

Memory bandwidth: 448GB/s vs 176GB/s on PS4

Internal storage: Custom 825GB SSD vs 500GB HDD on PS4

IO throughput: 8-9GB/s vs approx 50-100MB/s (dependent on data location on HDD) on PS4

Expandable storage: NVMe SSD slot vs Replaceable internal HDD

External storage: USB HDD support (PS4 games only) vs the same on PS4

Optical drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray drive vs standard Blu-ray Drive in the PS4

There are no official photos of the PS5 design yet.

You are closer than you think

The well known leaker gonnaenodaethat keeps on his activity. Recently he messaged a couple of users over on GTAForums. One of the message was titled "0320" and the text read "Enjoy yourself, Enjoy yourself. You're closer than you think".

Although it was sent before March 20, this date has already passed and nothing happened. So maybe 0320 doesn't mean March 20 but the third month (March) of 2020 and we will still see something till the end of this month.

Bogota is now on Rockstar website

There is an interesting thing in Rockstar Games official website footer. It has four city names: New York, London, Paris and Bogota (the capital of Colombia).

It doesn't make much sense since Rockstar doesn't have any offices in Bogota or Paris, but does have in New York and London. Even if Paris is one of the largest European cities, how does Bogota fit in there? Unless GTA 6 will be located there (along with Vice City).

"" hints at Miami and Colombia

Earlier we mentioned that a web address redirected to a profile of a user named gonnaenodaethat on GTAForums. Then it redirected to an error page.

It gets more interesting. Two days ago that address redirected to a YouTube video "Boris Brejcha @ Miami Bogota Cocaine Cowboys" (Bogotá is the capital of Colombia).

Now the same address leads to the video "How I Smuggled Weed From Colombia to Miami".

Could be just a hoax based on rumors. Time will show.

Rumor: we will only see a GTA 6 logo on March 25

A new rumor on 4Chan claims that GTA 6 will be announced on March 25. Unfortunately, there will be no trailer. Nothing big or fancy. Just an announcement on Rockstar's social media platforms in the form of a logo. The trailer has already been put together and is ready. It will come within the next few weeks.

The game will be set in Miami, after the time period of GTA: Vice City (i.e., 1986), but not modern era.

The game aims to be released on next gen consoles and PC at the same time! The release is scheduled for 2021.

A multiplayer mode will be available after the launch (similar style to GTA 5).

And another piece of information.

GTA 6 will have many features from GTA: San Andreas returned, such as fitness, hair growth, hunger, etc. A touch of realism is being added like better physics (vehicle handling, ragdoll stuff). Nothing too much, but a small step towards realism without ruining the fun. This includes food shops, gyms, hairdressers, vending machines and so on. The multiplayer will have role play functionality. It won't be based around roleplaying, but will have roleplay modes.

Enjoy the announcement. Take everything with a grain of salt. This was discussed over a few beers (probably, some Rockstar employee was talking to a friend at a bar). Nothing is finalized apart from the announcement related stuff.

To summarize, we've already heard a lot of similar information in the previous leaks. However, a simultaneous release on PC and consoles is something new. Yes, it would be great for those who don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars on expensive brand new next-gens. On the other hand, this would be weird for Rockstar to break their ancient tradition to release their games on consoles first so that Sony and Microsoft could swim in cash. Otherwise, very few people would buy console games if there is a PC version.

The time period after 1986 conflicts with other rumors which mentioned the 70s and 80s.

As for better physics, many remember that GTA 5 physics was deliberately simplified by Rockstar, comparing to GTA 4, presumably to make GTA 5 run smoothly on most PCs. We hope not only GTA 6 physics returns back to GTA 4 state but also overbids it.

Rumor: GTA 6 will be about drug dealing

Another GTA 6 leak on 4Chan. A user posted that his co-worker's spouse works at Rockstar. Here's what he found out:

  • GTA 6 will be announced at the end of this month (March 2020). Despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this reveal's plans seem to remain intact for the time being.
  • GTA 6 will take place mainly in Miami aka Vice City (to no one's surprise).
  • Singular protagonist, male.
  • The map is huge. I know everyone's expecting this, but seriously she wouldn't shut up about the size of the map. Well, she was fairly high to be fair, but regardless she kept saying how the map was going to blow people's minds thanks to next-gen.
  • An interesting quote I jotted down that she said: "I seriously can't imagine other online games being able to compare to this when it comes out. Like, I don't think our competitors are ready." It could be all talk, but who knows?... Certainly gets me excited :)
  • She said drug dealing is at the core. GTA: San Andreas let them try out gangs, GTA IV included the mafia, GTA V was about the FBI, and now GTA VI is going all-in on drug cartels.
  • Weapon wheel to return, also to no surprise.
  • GTA 6 Online will feature two separate focuses, one side being roleplay based gameplay to satisfy that big RP community that keeps GTA V at the high Twitch viewer count today, and the other side being similar to the current GTA Online. But, she noted that they learned a lot from GTA Online and what to avoid next time. She said this time it'll be much less pay-to-win, and give everyone a more equal playing field thanks to the advanced law/wanted system. For example, you can now be wanted over a period of time; be known as a wanted criminal. You may say, I don't wanna always be wanted, I wanna go do things... Well, then go play solo or the RP mode. But in Online, prepare to have your cartel do most things for you. You're playing from the big businessman's view now.

It's up to you to believe it or not. After all, we'll all find out soon if it's true or not.

Here is a screenshot, just in case.

GTA Online casino might feature a GTA 6 hint

A Reddit user noticed a possible GTA 6 hint in "The Diamond Casino Heist" GTA Online update.

There is a word "Service" on a corridor wall in the Diamond Casino. But it's divided into two parts: Ser and Vice (a reference to Vice City?).

Another wall features a number 510. Does it mean May 10th?

Rockstar likes hiding Easter eggs so this might be a clue.

Rockstar Games will work from home due to COVID-19

Rockstar Games published a tweet in their official account.

"In the interest of reducing the possible impact of COVID-19, Rockstar Games has implemented work from home policies across our international offices and studios. After significant research and consultation with our teams around the world, we began rolling out remote work solutions worldwide across the past week, and we are confident we have a robust system in place for our teams to continue their work with a minimum of disruption."

It is also noted that the company's online games and support teams should continue functioning as normal.

It's interesting if the remote work will affect a possible GTA 6 announcement this month. And will we have more leaks when all employees have access to company data from home?

By the way, Rockstar is not the first video game company to take action on coronavirus. Also, large gatherings like Game Developers Conference and E3 2020 have been cancelled.

GTA Online has a possible reference to GTA 6

Some players noticed that one of the racing tracks named "Height of Society" from the recent GTA Online update "Open Wheel Races" is very similar to the border outlines of Florida and Mexico. This strengthens the rumors that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City and probably some Central or Southern American country.

Immediately after the update was released in GTA Online, the insider gonnaenodaethat left another cryptic message on GTAForums: "Cartographers start your engines!!"

Domain name belongs to Take-Two

Every domain name (website address) has an owner. There are many online service to check it out. It turns out, a domain name has already been registered in 2006 and belongs to Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. which is a parent company of Rockstar Games. Need any more proofs?

At the moment is an empty website. But this can change any time.