Rumor: GTA 6 will have 4 protagonists

Reddit users noticed two more leaks about GTA 6 on 4Chan website. The leaker states that he was a friend of one Rockstar employee who was disgruntled during 2019 and wanted to anonymously leak info about GTA 6 (as a revenge to the company?), but things improved later and the contact with the guy was lost. Here is the leak:

  • The game was worked on in full active development since 2016 or 2017, but preproduction began shortly after porting GTA 5 to current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) in 2014.
  • The map is set to be the size of GTA 5 & RDR 2 combined.
  • There is a pissing minigame where you control your d*ck using your controller motion controls.
  • There are 4 protagonists in GTA 6: Walther Wallace, a driver, then an Israeli former IDF guy (don't know his name), Thomas Branigan who has a smuggling plane called the Raven, and the fourth guy was Marcus Burke, other than him being a single father of a son, he deals in drugs.
  • The area is based on Florida, but Vice City isn't the only major city in the area.
  • A part of the game is set in the 1980s, but time skips to present day.
  • Mission design isn't as linear as it was in RDR 2 and GTA 5 (this goes for most missions).
  • It's about the drug trade and you very briefly visit a small island in Central America but it's not Guarma from RDR 2.
  • The story is in the middle between GTA 4 Dark and GTA 5 Bright, and you start playing as Branigan.
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Possible GTA 6 reference in a Snickers ad

Recently a Snickers account on Reddit posted a GTA: Vice City style Snickers ad. The account and the ad are official. This could be a hint at Vice City in GTA 6 (in collaboration with Rockstar). Or it's just an appreciative reference to the GTA series in general. Either way, it's interesting!

By the way, Nuts City — funny, right?)

Another GTA 6 hint in GTA Online casino

We already mentioned a possible GTA 6 hint in GTA Online casino. There is also another one, more obvious.

There are several slot machines in the casino named "Vice City P.I.".

Rockstar reposted GTA style fan art

Rockstar Games recently reposted some GTA style fan art on Instagram created by an author Chernyy Zhnets.

GTA 6 might be an Easter egg

We already mentioned that the domain name redirected to videos about Miami and Colombia. Then to a 1980s song and to a message. Now it redirects to a post on GTAForums in a topic about Colombia (discussing that it would be interesting to see the next GTA outside of the US in Colombia where you play as a drug lord building an empire). The post is from 2016, but it was edited by moderators.

The Last Supper private board will open Saturday 11th April 2020 at 23:59 UK. 

Only the Preacher has the ability to create new topics, his apostles can reply, all the non believers can do is follow the sermons.

Apostles will be recruited soon.

It is worth noting that Sunday, April 12, 2020 is the Western (Catholic) Easter holiday (Eastern Orthodox Easter is a week later on April 19). If this private board is about GTA 6, it seems like an Easter egg. However, the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and His apostles was on Thursday before Easter.

Who is the Preacher mentioned in this post? Apparently the same Scottish leaker gonnaenodaethat who posted cryptic messaged on GTAForums in March. We don't know why he is recruiting a team (apostles) but it is clear that he cooperates with the moderators.

By the way, if Rockstar announces GTA 6 on Sunday, it will be a great Easter gift.

GTA 4 hints at Vice City

The mission "Catch The Wave" in GTA 4 contains a reference to Vice City.

"The coke is brought in on speedboats from Vice City and has not yet been unloaded."

This implies that in Vice City in GTA 6 we will deal with drugs.

Fake GTA 6 screenshot

Recently someone posted a screenshot claiming it a leak from GTA 6.

Later Reddit users found a proof that it's fake. It was taken from a video of real Miami shot by a drone. The video is nice though, check it out.

Michael and Franklin from GTA 5 told the fans not to believe fake rumors about GTA 6

Actors who played Michael (Ned Luke) and Franklin (Shawn 'Solo' Fonteno) in GTA 5 recently had an Instagram live stream where they told the fans not to believe anything on the Internet about GTA 6 from fake insiders like MrBossFTW who only post clickbaits. The only trusted information comes from Rockstar.

The guys also said they'd like to see Michael, Franklin and Trevor in GTA 6.

As for the Mount Chiliad mystery in GTA 5, Ned Luke said it's a mystery people have to solve themselves.

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Domain name "" was recently updated

The domain name updated recently, independently from the other domains owned by Take Two (Rockstar's parent company). Previously it redirected to the official GTA 5 website, and now it leads to the main Rockstar Games website. This indicates that we might see a GTA 6 website launch soon.

Rockstar posted a photo of young LeBron James with a GTA: Vice City disk

Rockstar posted an Instagram story with an old photo of the young basketball player LeBron James with a copy of GTA: Vice City in front of him. This is their official account, not some pranker. It might be a serious clue. They chose GTA: Vice City for a reason.

It is worth mentioning that in 2010-2014 LeBron played for the "Miami Heat" team wearing the number 6. A hint of GTA 6?

Something may happen on April 3

Yes, we know that there was no GTA 6 announcement in March.

However, a popular Rockstar Games YouTuber from Sweden SWEGTA posted an interesting tweet on April 2: "Expect something awesome in 24 hours".

This isn't the guy who's joking around. This might be something for his channel (unlikely) or some announcement for a future Rockstar game.

Rockstar likes to make announcements on Tuesdays

Active GTA fans on Reddit analyzed the announcement dates of previous Rockstar projects and noticed a pattern.

Almost all their games (except GTA 3) were announced on Tuesday. March is about to end and the last day is also Tuesday. Which makes us think we might see something.

The actor Jorge Consejo responded about his involvement in GTA 6

The Spanish speaking actor Jorge Consejo who listed GTA 6 in his CV responded to the questions from the fans regarding GTA 6.

This tweet is from the last year. He answered that he can neither confirm nor deny this.

After people kept asking him about GTA 6 he posted a new tweet again several days ago.

Dear friends, while I read every message from you, please know that because of contract stipulations sometimes I'm unable to comment on certain projects. Please don't feel ignored or unseen. I appreciate and value every single of you.

Of course, this is not a confirmation. But it's not a denial either. However, why would Jorge explicitly put GTA 6 in his CV if there are contract stipulations?

Actor Jorge Consejo listed GTA 6 in his CV

Reddit users noticed that a Spanish speaking actor Jorge Consejo listed GTA 6 in his CV on his official website. His role was a Mexican in 2018.

3pm Scottish time

On Wednesday the insider gonnaenodaethat posted on GTAForums a message "3pm Scottish time" (11am EDT, 8am PDT).

A huge amount of people visited the website at the specified time, which caused the server to crash. Everyone was waiting for the possible GTA 6 announcement, but nothing happened.

Later one of the administrators Kirsty said that it's time to stop those fake links before everyone gets put in quarantine.

However, he didn't explicitly mention gonnaenodaethat. Maybe he meant all the other fake insiders. Also, gonnaenodaethat wrote just a time, not a specific date. We only know about March 2020. There are still 4 days left.

This whole story could have been planned by Rockstar. They might have wanted to heat up the fans, then make them frustrated and suddenly, when everyone has given up hope, strike with a GTA 6 announcement. Or maybe not. As we already mentioned, Rockstar keeps secrets above all. They don't announce the announcements. Their style is a sudden explosion in the calm.

"" redirects to a message

We already mentioned that the domain name redirected to videos about Miami and Colombia. Then to a 1980s song. Now it changed again and redirects to a YouTube video named "Noo Just Hold On". It was by uploaded by a user RealisticEastenders (apparently, it's the same gonnaenodaethat from GTAForums) on March 24, 2020.

The video consists of chopped phrases from different movies. Seems like a conversation between him and the people who don't believe him. Here are the phrases.

The user gonnaenodaethat didn't actually say about March 25

GTAForums administrator named uNi commented on the rumors regarding the possible GTA 6 announcement. According to him, the original hype was something related to GTA 6 happening in March, but not exactly on the 25th, as many expected.

The mysterious Scottish user gonnaenodaethat didn't actually mention any date. He only mentioned 0320. This can be interpreted as March 2020, which was confirmed by the GTAForums administrator (who is also from Scotland, by the way).

So there are still 6 days left. The rumor about March 25 came from another anonymous leak on 4Chan, which now we know was fake.

At the same time, gonnaenodaethat claims he will ban himself if nothing happens in March, and asks people to have faith.

We should also note that the first GTA 4 trailer was released on March 29 back in 2007. But people couldn't watch it for a while due to a huge server overload. We hope this won't repeat with GTA 6.